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By Gerard Clauson

ISBN-10: 0198641125

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Duk, etc. ) but K-a$. I 65 may well be right in defining a g d u k as a Dev. /A. W. this Suff. s connoting habitual or repeated action; also a few Conc. g. g. bi&a:k, targa:k W. the same connotation implied; cf. -8a:nl-ge:n. -guk/-guk forms Conc. s; rare. , but also used to form a few Conc. g. qakma:k, and, with vocalic assimilation, iigriimuk. g. tizildiiriik; very rare; also a Den. Suff. ; properly the Suff. -k attached to a Simulative V. s themselves are not noted; rare. , see v. G. ATG, para.

Apparently so vocalized in I: 'a word used to express refusal' (kalitnotu'l-ink&) alternative to 2 U: K a j . I 40. 1: MS. Xak. F 3 I: Hap. ; like many names of fabrics prob. , perhaps Chinese; apparently vocalized a y ; if I: or 1: perhaps some Chinese word like i 'variegated, rainbowcoloured (clothing)' (Giles 5,434). Xak. X I I: 'orange-coloured brocade' '(dihic nciranciy~r'[-[own) Kay. 1 4 0 . P U 1 0: Hap. l e ~ . the ; word, no doubt hamza w6w was inadvertently omitted in the RIS. and replaced in the margin by o:ka: presumably taken from the example; it is not cleat whether this word is an abbreviation of og, which appears as below and elsewhere in the medieval period, or whether the latter is an expanded form,prob.

Suff. only in bkkiz 'twin' fr. kkki:; also a Dev. Suff. and an Ending. , is pmb. , cf. ) -s~z/-siz/-suz/-siiz forms Priv. ; cognate to the Den. V. Suff. ; very common. SUFFIXES (b) DEVERBAL xliii (Dev. s) -a:/-e:/-I:/-i:/-u:/-ii taken together fairly common; there isno discoverable rule prescribing which Suff. , all being attached to V s with unrounded and with rounded vowels; when one is attached to a V. g. u1a:yu:. , less often Conjunctions, like otru:, Postposns. like tapa:, Conc. s like 3 kBce: or Adjs.

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