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But also Not to mention ... Number/figure/digit/numeral Obligation The passive The past Prefixes The present Presently/at present Price/prize Principal/principle Punctuation Relative pronouns Rise/raise Say/tell Self Sensible/sensitive Shade/shadow Some/any Sometime/sometimes Still Subjunctive Suffixes Terms of address There is/are ... Time Too Transliteration and transcription Until/till/by Wa and fa When/if Whether (it be) ... or While/whereas Will/shall Wish Appendix I: Tenses Appendix II: Modality English Index Arabic Index Introduction Rationale behind the book This book is the result of many years of teaching university-level courses on translation between Arabic and English by the authors to both native English and Arabic speakers.

PO Box’). They remain quite rare and are generally restricted to media Arabic. g. (‘AFP’, the news agency Agence France Presse), (OPEC), (NATO), (‘RPG’, rocket-propelled grenade’). As a result, when translating English acronyms into Arabic, it is always safer to give the full form. There are no examples of ‘clipping’ in Arabic. Above/over Although both mean higher than, they cannot be used interchangeably; above tends to refer to a position along a vertical scale, with over denoting movement, while also being used with numbers, expressions of quantity or measurement.

G. ” “You (m. ”] In some cases, however, the same meaning is conveyed in Arabic by a content verb or adverbial. g. ” NOTE: TO BE + no more/longer means ‘to die’. g. ” Only no more can also be used to express degree. g. ) can also mean ‘not more of something’. g. ” Appeal/appal Despite being similar in form, these two verbs actually mean almost the direct opposite: to appeal refers to an attraction, while to appal denotes shock. g. ” In terms of translation, the following points merit mention: 1.

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