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By Marv Rubinstein

ISBN-10: 0884003167

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A compendium of yankee proverbs, expressions, slang, colloquialisms; British-US word list; abbreviations and acronyms and different a number of odds and ends. wide-spread via non-native audio system and translators.

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At one time, language specialists, English teachers, and dictionary publishers frowned on this verbal trick, but it has now become commonplace and widely accepted. As a matter of fact, the practice of “verbing” goes back a long way to Elizabethan England and the time of Shakespeare. Even then, you could tongue (talk back to) your husband; uncle (act in an avuncular fashion toward) your nieces and nephews; happy a friend or malice a foe. These were all nouns used as verbs. In present day America, however, the practice has mushroomed.

He gave two reasons for this shift. ” He then opined that, while the French system taught one how to be an administrator, the American schools taught one how to survive on his or her own, providing a better fit with the direction his society is heading. Culture and language are intimately intertwined, and American culture is obviously penetrating many societies where the French and others have long dominated. There are now several American schools in Casablanca, each with a long waiting list. In addition, English (primarily American English) courses are springing up all over that country.

However, on first encounter with this usage, one would be equally justified in thinking that the term means to sit in at the meeting. To needle someone means to tease or taunt that person but could easily be interpreted as jabbing someone with a needle. As described in a subsequent chapter on the differences between the American Language and British English, the expression to table a motion provides a perfect example of the possible confusion that “verbing” can create. In the United States Congress, to table a motion is to lay it aside for possible future consideration, in effect, to kill it.

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