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By Yves Cougar, O.P.

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36 The Orthodox Slavs have a for the "rational/* the "Euclidean," as sidering them not contempt, Dostoevsky says, con- distrust, if "extrinsic" or "worldly" (the famous Russian not be entirely fortunate or of posivnesnost'), which may tive value. It is possible that half a century of the Marxist in one bound to the regime will bring Russian Orthodoxy seven centuries of point which we have reached through analysis and rationalism. They road in the continuity and will, spirit of course, cover the of Orthodox tradition, but be brought a little closer to us.

However, the iconophiles who had found its support in Rome from Pope Gregory II and had partially triumphed thanks to his support, submitted to an Occidental ECCLESIOLOGICAL FACTORS Council the Canons of the Seventh Ecumenical Council the last which East and West held in common of the year new protector of the papacy, Charlethis chance for ruined unanimity (The Libri Carolini magne, and the Council of Frankfurt in 790 and 794). It is true 787. Unfortunately, the that the Acts of the Seventh Council had been transmitted Charlemagne in a poor version and that the Pope had delayed approving them by reason of the caesaropapism to which was mingled in them.

But Byzantium was careful not to be- centuries to be trian stow upon them a title which would have cast a shadow on the Imperial monarchy. " 49 Already in the years following when the papal 781 state was established by Pepin, the popes no longer dated their acta in accordance with the reign of the Emperor of Constantinople; after the year 800 they dated them from the reign of Charlemagne. From then on, a Church of Empire was sarily a rival as an be constituted in the West, neces- to that at Byzantium.

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