Aquino De Braganca, Immanuel Maurice Wallerstein's African Liberation Reader: Documents of the National PDF

By Aquino De Braganca, Immanuel Maurice Wallerstein

ISBN-10: 0862320674

ISBN-13: 9780862320676

Ebook by way of De Braganca, Aquino, Wallerstein, Immanuel Maurice

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This was done by granting purchas ing monopolies to concessionary companies who were made responsible for developing cotton growing by Africans within the area of their concessions and had the right to acquire and process all cotton produced. Cotton thus Anatomy of Colonialism became an obligatory crop for Africans living in areas designated as cotton producing - a regulation harshly enforced by local administration officials, much to the detriment of the peasant's own subsistence crops. A system of price control, compulsory quotas for supplies to Portugal and restrictions on local textile production ensured Portugal a supply of raw cotton at prices which gave her textile industry an advantage in the world market.

Until comparatively recently, though, the interde pendence of the two countries was played down by their respective govern ments; old colonial rivalries and the theoretical differences between their racial policies coupled with the traditional South African disdain for the Portuguese, discouraged the extension of these links into other sectors of the economy. The expansion of the activities of international capital in South Africa has probably been an important influence behind the recent increase in South African economic involvement in Angola and Mozambique, but the threat posed by the liberation wars has been largely responsible for the change in diplomatic attitudes.

But it is important to distinguish the various situations found in both the poor South and the rich North. It is not all homogeneous. We lack the time necessary to analyse this distinction. We would simply like to emphasize its existence. Countries such as Sweden, Finland and others, even though they belong to the rich North, have never been imperialist countries. What is important is to conclude by saying that the fight against imperialism must be fought within the imperialist countries, and the struggle against imperialist domination must be fought in our own countries.

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