Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 6 - download pdf or read online

By Jack D. Cowan, Gerald Tesauro, Joshua Alspector (Editors)

ISBN-10: 1558603220

ISBN-13: 9781558603226

Lawsuits of the once a year meetings on Advances in Neural info Processing structures. Volumes 7 and later can be found from The MIT Press.

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I will occasionally speculate in the pages that follow about possible effects of the altered technology. But in the main, I will offer focussed, detailed arguments about specific edited texts and editorial traditions. Textual minutiae, if allowed to accumulate sufficiently, can produce large and startling effects. My goal throughout will be to undo rigidities inherited from the past and free up scholarly energy for reconceptualizations of the field at the most basic possible level—the level of the texts we read, contemplate, and use to influence others.

Twentieth-century scholars moved to catalogue, examine, and process surviving materials from the past— fragments shored up against our ruin—in terms of an agreed-upon set of “scientific” or at least methodized operations by which the essence of the artifacts (if not the physical documents themselves) would be protected against the depredations of history. That bibliographical agenda is closely allied to a dominant strain in literary modernism that sought to insulate the text even in the process of its inception through the disruption of sequential and developmental patterns within it.

Reopening the question of what constitutes the “work,” and the relationship between variant texts of the play, enables a fascinating new set of questions to emerge. Even if the contents of the two versions of Henry VI, Part 2 were identical, in what ways would the marked change in title alter an audience’s probable perception of the two plays? A Contention between two warring houses, with a title page emphasizing the dynamic of 31 INTRODUCTION civil war, arouses rather different expectations on the part of a viewer or reader than does a Henry the Sixt placed in the folio in dynastic order as part of a series of history plays also named after monarchs and offering a clear locus for authority through their very titles.

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