Advanced Qt Programming: Creating Great Software with C++ by Mark Summerfield PDF

By Mark Summerfield

ISBN-10: 0321635906

ISBN-13: 9780321635907

This e-book is geared toward present C++/Qt programmers and provides principles and concepts which are too complex or really good (although no longer unavoidably difficult), for a primary e-book on Qt.

Qt has now grown to over seven hundred periods and good over 1000000 phrases of documentation, some distance an excessive amount of to hide in one quantity. So rather than overlaying every thing very thinly, the ebook specializes in key parts of Qt know-how and attempts to supply extra entire assurance than is to be had elsewhere.

The booklet is totally functional in emphasis, with each method illustrated through operating code. The examples convey Qt most sensible practices, and feature been confirmed on Linux, Mac OS X, and home windows, utilizing Qt 4.6 and the place attainable (e.g., utilizing #if QT_VERSION), Qt 4.5. (The examples and a pattern bankruptcy could be downloaded from the book's online page. Amazon don't enable URLs so google for "qtrac" to discover it.)

The book's major subject matters are hybrid desktop/Internet functions, threading, wealthy textual content dealing with, Qt's graphics/view structure, and Qt's model/view structure (to which 4 chapters are devoted), even though many different issues are lined. in addition to every one chapter's major topic, plenty of different sessions, equipment, and strategies are used at any place they make experience, to teach as many Qt good points as attainable. So even the main skilled Qt programmer may still observe features of Qt they weren't conscious of, notice new concepts, and be encouraged with new ideas.</i>

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If the list is nonempty, we retrieve the first node. In the weather data, every tag is unique, so there should only ever be one node for a given tag. data(). Fortunately, Qt offers a shortcut—the QDomNode::nodeValue() method—which returns a node type-specific string, which in the case of text nodes is the text itself. arg(appendBr ? "
" : ""); } The private toolTipField() helper method allows us to factor out the formatting of each line of tooltip text. This slightly shortens and simplifies populateToolTip()’s code and also makes it easier to modify the formatting later on.

We can still handle such cases by using one or more calls to the AQP::accelerateWidgets() function, giving it a specific list of widgets to work on each time. 16 Chapter 1. Hybrid Desktop/Internet Applications If the QDomDocument::setContent() method returns true, the parse succeeded, so we populate the tooltip with the new data—a process that might involve downloading a new icon too. If the parse failed, we leave the existing tooltip as is. And at the end we set a single shot timer to repeat the process one hour later.

We use QSettings to set the current airport, defaulting to the first one in the list the first time the application is run. For each airport we create a QAction and check the one that matches the current airport. Each airport action is added to a QActionGroup. By default a QActionGroup has its exclusive property set to true; this ensures that its actions have radio button rather than checkbox check marks and that only one airport is ever checked at any one time. We also add an exit action and give it a specific keyboard accelerator.

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