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By Timothy A. Mousseau, Barry Sinervo, John A. Endler

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That includes a good collection of papers from best authors, this e-book summarizes the country of present realizing in regards to the volume of genetic version inside of wild populations and the how one can video display such edition. it's a precious source for execs and graduate scholars in genetics, biology, ecology, and evolution.

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Environmental and genotype-by-environment influences on chick size in the Yellow-browed leaf warbler Phylloscopus inornatus. Oecologia 86:535-541. Price, T. D. 1998. Maternal and paternal effects in birds: effects on offspring fitness. Pp. 38 ADAPTIVE GENETIC VARIATION IN THE WILD 202-226 in T. A. Mousseau and C. W. , Maternal Effects as Adaptations. Oxford University Press, New York. Price, T. , and P. T. Boag. 1987. Selection in natural populations of birds. Pp. 257-287 in F. Cooke and P. A. , Avian Genetics.

7 Coefficients of phenotypic (CVP), additive genetic (CVA), and residual (CVR) variation of six traits of G. fortis (207 families) CVP Mass Wing length Tarsus length Bill length Bill depth Bill width CVa G. scandens G. 76* CVr G. scandens G. fortis G. scandens G. 67 The same families of G. scandens and G. fortis are used here as in table 13. Most phenotypic distributions are weakly skewed, negatively, as a result of hybridization. 01). In addition, G. scandens offspring distributions of wing length (*) and bill length (**) measurements are skewed.

Grant, and P. T. Boag. 1984a. Genetic changes in the morphological differentiation of Darwin's ground finches. Pp. 49-66 in K. Wohrmann and V. , Population Biology and Evolution. Springer, New York. Price, T. , P. R. Grant, H. L. Gibbs, and P. T. Boag. 1984b. Recurrent patterns of natural selection in a population of Darwin's finches. Nature 309:787-789. , P. Schneiter, and H. Stirnimann. 1989. ). Funct. Ecol. 3:617-624. Ricklefs,R. , and Peters, S. 1981. Parental components of variance in growth rate and body size of nestling European starlings (Sturnus vulgaris).

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