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Книга accelerate Vocabulary accelerate Vocabulary Книги Иностранные языки Автор: Gokhan Cansiz, Mustafa Bahar Год издания: 2005 Формат: pdf Издат. :Surat Publishing Страниц: a hundred and five Размер: 11,9 Mb ISBN: 9757205362 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Providing a wealthy source of audio-visual fabric and actions, accelerate Vocabulary is a scholar - founded perform publication for rookies.

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The earlier decade has visible large advances within the kinds and functions of mass spectrometry in all components of technology. With this development has come a bewildering array of names, technical phrases and abbreviations, making it a problem to maintain updated. This Dictionary is a kick off point for all these new to the subject, in addition to a useful reference on terminology for these already within the box.

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Description Operator (bitwise); converts expression1 and expression2 to 32-bit unsigned integers, and returns a 1 in each bit position where the corresponding bits in expression1 or expression1, but not both, are 1. 58 Example The following example uses the bitwise XOR operator on the decimals 15 and 9 and assigns the result to the variable x. // 15 decimal = 1111 binary // 9 decimal = 1001 binary x = 15 ^ 9 trace(x) // 1111 ^ 1001 = 0110 // returns 6 decimal( = 0110 binary) ^= (bitwise XOR assignment) Availability Flash Player 5.

Returns None. Description Operator (bitwise compound assignment); assigns expression1 the value of expression1 expression2. For example, the following two statements are the same: x |= y; x = x | y; 62 | Example The following example uses the |= operator: // 15 decimal = 1111 binary x = 15; // 9 decimal = 1001 binary y = 9; trace(x |= y); // 1111 |= 1001 // returns 15 decimal (= 1111 binary) See also | (bitwise OR) ~ (bitwise NOT) Availability Flash Player 5. Usage ~ expression Parameters expression A number.

Expression2 Description Operator; tests for the exact opposite of the === operator. The strict inequality operator performs the same as the inequality operator except that data types are not converted. If expression1 is equal to expression2, and their data types are equal, the result is false. As with the === operator, the definition of equal depends on the data types being compared. • Numbers, strings, and Boolean values are compared by value. • Variables, objects, arrays, and functions are compared by reference.

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