New PDF release: Abhinavagupta: The Kula Ritual as Elaborated in Chapter 29

By John R. Dupuche

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During this work,he describes many of the tantras and areas in their apex the main severe of them, the Kula ritual. It additionally presents a translation of Jayaratha's statement. the Kula ritual leads the practitioner to extra exalted phases of mantras to arrive the top point of awareness, the "mantravyapti", the pervasion of the chant. the individual that is aware this pervasion is a Bhairava..

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A Datta and his teacher in S aivism was Kalya�a. At the instigation of the king he studied the Tantra/oka 2 and without royal patronage could not have con­ cluded the task. z. a . 5 Rastogi tries to reconstruct the circumstances that surrounded Jayaratha's massive undertaking in commenting on the Tantriiloka. He proposes in the first place that the text of the Tantriiloka had become corrupt6 and that Jayaratha restored both the text and the correct order of the slokas. 689. 262. Rastogi, p. I 02 .

See also Sanderson, Annuaire. p. l 44. Abhinava superimposes the non-dualism of his school also on the Miilinivijayottara tantra. 306. 60. The history of modem research on the non-dual Shaivism of Kashmir has been described in Muller-Ortega, The Triadic Hean, pp. I S-24. CHAPTER 3 THE TANTRALOKA (a) The Purpose of the Tantrtiloka In the context of the long tantric tradition and its many competing schools, Abhinavagupta composes the 'Light on the Tantras', the Tantriiloka. He does so at the request of his disciples and, accord­ ing to TA 1 .

5c, char-acterises the Svacchandatantra as the compendium of a religious treatise which has these four bases. The same classificatory system is expounded in TA 37. 1 8 ff. 1 4. Rastogi , p. l 38. Jayaratha 31 However, in Jr. 3 he clearly explains that it has just been com­ pleted. 2 he introduces 'the ritual with the sexual partner'. Jr. 2 notes the conclusion of 'the ritual of the secret teaching' and introduces the Sub-topic 'initiation'. 2 introduces 'penetration'. Furthermore he clearly marks the sub-divisions within a sub­ topic.

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