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1; i 5; iii 7; 23 i 2; ii 4, 14; iii 18; 24 r. sh. 1; i 5; iv 4; v 5; 25 r. sh. 1; i 3; ii 6; 26 i 7; iii 4). A ruler of Lagal whose dating is uncertain. Perhaps he should be placed in the period that goes from the Guteans to the beginning of Ur 111. ha-am-mwra-pc'(28:1,21,33). A ruler of Babylon in the Old-Babylonian period. KIB] 3 1:5) dsu,dsfn(32: 12) ti-ti (38:4) d-S&-h6-DU(32~2) ur-ba-g6ra (38:47) ~ r - ~ b a(37:8) -u~ ur-du, (42 ii 1) ur-ddumu-zi(43 iii 3) ur-6-mCl(33 i 3; 34 vi 3) ur-6-ninnu (38:7) ~ r - ~ e S ~ -(30:2) pel ur-gu-la (38:24) ~ r - ~ i ~ - a(32:7; l i m 37:6) ur-dinarma (35:7) ~ r - ~ i ~(3 k 1u:2,7) r ur-digtaran (32:9; 37: 18,22; 3850) ur-k&Ski(30:6) ur-ki (33 ii 4) ur-dnammu (1:3; 3:3) ~ r - ~ n a 1) n ~Aeruler of Pre-Sargonic LagaS (12 i 1 [written: dnan~e:ur];21 i 14).

N. Postgate, MC 4, 37) advice said about females: "which bore or can bear" see ~ B - R ~ ~ a plot of land; for GANA2(-g) = aHa5(-g) see M. Civil, JCS 25 (1973) 171ff. and M. , 178ff. a: to agree with a statement see ki-en-R to return; to bring back; to take a case up again see ki-bi--R-R see Su--R dark see kas-R dwelling of the en-priest or en-priestess see ama-ar-R lasting; of lasting value see Su-R--AK to drag; to tow; to measure; to manage (38:7) see mCR scepter I General Vocabulary giSgigir(narkabtum) -gim (kima) gir--DU3 (dnin-)gir-(su1/2) giri17-Su--gil (appam labdnum) giS 1.

Policeman steward; an important temple administrator to do; for the different readings of AK see A. Cavigneaux, SAZ, 45-47; M. Powell, Studies Diakonoff, 3 14-319 see nig--R-(R) see Su-gibil--R lamentation hoe; see note to z6 statue bison mother freedom? : to return to mother, cf. G. Farber, AulOr 9 (1991) 87 calf; a young animal see Festivals swamp; canebrake. The reading /ambar/ is conventional; according to PEa 42 (and other sources) it should rather be labbar/; see J. Krecher, AOAT 1 (1969) 171, note 20 heaven; sky regions; "quarter" donkey joy a plot of land; see GANA, leatherworker hga-6s (redem) agrig (abarakkum) AK (epZum) The General Vocabulary contains the words that appear in the texts contained in this book.

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