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By Noritake Tsuda

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The get together of this reprinting of Tsuda Noritake’s 1935 Handbook
of jap paintings, with the hot name, A background of eastern paintings, From
Prehistory to the Taisho interval, deals an enticing chance to
consider the connection among eastern politics and tradition at a
pivotal second in heritage. After a interval of severe industrialization
in the 1st 20 years following the Meiji recovery in 1868, influ-
ential deepest contributors and executive officers, occasionally working
cooperatively, started to create arts associations, arts businesses, and
laws to re-ignite appreciation for the nation’s cultural background. They
designed those not just to foster appreciation for Japan’s previous, yet also
to extra its modernizing procedures and to type its contemporary
identity within the overseas area. Contemporaneously, government
directives of 1890 proclaimed that local gods secure the nation
(Imperial Rescript to infantrymen and Sailors) and steered all students
in values of filial piety, with specific emphasis on making sure their
loyalty to the Emperor (Imperial Rescript on Education). by means of the begin-
ning of the 20 th century, those and different efforts had resulted in
widespread and sundry nationalist routine, features of which the
government used to justify its imperialist pursuits (Gluck 1985,
Fujitani 1996). during this setting, artwork took middle degree. Promoting
the nation's paintings overseas turned a way for Japan to earn appreciate from
Western countries and garner goodwill to deflect foreign criticism
from its unpopular international guidelines. Tsuda's instruction manual of eastern Art,
which was once the 1st huge survey of eastern paintings released in Japan,
was produced by means of a comercial eastern writer that labored in close
cooperation with executive cultural advertising organizations. hence is
must be regarded as a part of this attempt.

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Here, in a spacious and brighter room, open to an extensive view of the garden, we were again entertained with lighter tea, and were shown a few selected masterpieces of painting. In such aesthetic entertaiment we spent the whole afternoon, enjoying the hospitality of our host, and the beauty of art and nature, entirely secluded from the outside world of worries and depravity. Such is the way in which the Japanese collector appreciates art with his friends. This method was initiated in the fourteenth century by the Shogun Yoshimasa, pioneer patron of the tea-ceremony.

7. Protohistoric Armed Man suspended. In some other swords, the Tokyo Imperial Household Museum greater part of the body of their scabbards is sheathed with gilt copper, which is beautifully ornamented with bosses in repoussé work. In the Imperial Household Museum, there are several fine examples of such swords. The picture reproduced in Fig. 7 shows a protohistoric armed man carrying such a sword. In some other cases, the pommel of the sword is modeled into a ring, and in the ring is the head of a phoenix, or there are two heads of conventional dragons with a ball between them.

D. 1. PREHISTORIC POTTERY From the New Stone Age sites of Japan are found two distinct kinds of pottery with respective characteristics of design and decoration. The earlier kind is called the jōmon-doki pottery and the later one is grouped under the name of the yayoishiki pottery. The jōmon-doki pottery vessels often have angular edges and handles modeled into various forms of animal heads. (Fig. 1) The color of this Fig. I. Jōmon-doki Pottery kind of pottery is generally dark gray; Tokyo Imperial Household Museum the designs are composed of curved lines arranged artistically, and the ground surface has often the impression of a mat.

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