Michael Sokoloff's A Dictionary of Jewish Palestinian Aramaic of the Byzantine PDF

By Michael Sokoloff

ISBN-10: 0801872340

ISBN-13: 9780801872341

Because the heart a while, lexographies of Talmudic and different rabbinic literature have mixed in a single access Babylonian, Palestinian, and Targumic phrases from a variety of classes. simply because morphologically exact phrases in even heavily comparable dialects can often vary in either that means and nuance, their consolidation into one dictionary access is frequently deceptive. students now notice the necessity to deal with every one dialect individually, and in A Dictionary of Jewish Palestinian Aramaic, Michael Sokoloff offers a whole lexicon of the dialect spoken and written by way of Jews in Palestine in the course of the Byzantine interval, from the 3rd century C.E. to the 10th century.

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Stick to; cling to; adhere to: ŋɔ́ tant: ̄ (Vadj ). (V). 2. adhere tightly (as skin to bone, or a bandage to a bleeding wound): thá e ve adultery — 1. immorality; promiscuity; (V + Pv ). adultery: há -chɔ̂ (N). 2. an adulterer; adherent — followers; adherents: ɔ̀=qhâ -š ɨ promiscuous man: há -chɔ̂=pā (N). g̈ à ʔ qay chɛ̂ ve tê -phā (LRC + Nrh ). 3. adulteress; promiscuous woman: há -chɔ̂=ma (N). adjust — measure; calibrate, adjust; examine carefully: tɛ̂ʔ (V). advance — previously; formerly; in the past; address — one’s place of residence; one’s address: chɛ̂-ti (N); chɛ̂-k̀ (Ndeverb ).

The entry spirit (p. 240) is a bit different: after 17 initial sublemmata arranged roughly in order of generality and importance, there follow 18 more that refer to particular spirits that dwell in various objects; these latter items are alphabetized according to their English translation, from #18 ‘battle spirit’ to #35 ‘wind spirit’. 2 Form-class designations As described in the Introduction to DL (pp. 31 All Lahu verbs in ELL are marked with (V). Sometimes verbs or verb-phrases are also marked by the citation-particle ve (much like English to in this function).

Form-class Most often, however, the lemma is only one word of many in the sublemma (and not necessarily the first word): knob — knob; handle; dial (“sthg to twist”): š ́-tu ̀ (Ndeverb ). fame — authority; glory; reputation; fame: ɔ̀-mè ʔ-ɔ̀-phô n ∼ ɔ̀-mı̀ ʔ-ɔ̀-phô n (Elabn ). Occasionally the lemma is a root morpheme from which a word in the sublemma is derived: falter — staggeringly; with tottering steps; falteringly: jɔ̀ ɛ̀ (AEstat ). g. in the case of idiomatic collocations like best man and big shot.

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