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The ebook of this absolutely up-to-date variation of A Dictionary of Genetics coincides with the hundredth anniversary of the advent of the time period genetics via William Bateson in 1906 on the 3rd foreign convention on Genetics. given that then genetics has made great advances in wisdom and method and now occupies a pivotal place within the existence sciences because the strongest capacity for probing basic questions in cellphone biology, improvement, and evolution. The decision of sequences of entire genomes, the learn of gene expression and genetic version on an international scale, and the power to speedily enlarge gene sequences and to accomplish certain gene disruptions are only a few examples of significant achievements during this box. Proliferation of latest phrases necessarily accompanies such extraordinary growth. This re-creation of the Dictionary addresses the desires of scholars, educators, and medical geneticists for an authoritative and up to date reference paintings that not just defines the newest phrases, yet regularly, additionally offers vital ancillary encyclopedic info. A Dictionary of Genetics is exclusive in that it comprises phrases from a variety of disciplines which now intertwine with genetics, together with molecular biology, telephone biology, medication, botany, and evolutionary experiences. Its 7,000 cross-referenced definitions are supported by means of a great number of line drawings, tables, and chemical formulae. One-fifth of the Dictionary is dedicated to 6 appendices to which the definitions are cross-referenced and which include a unprecedented trove of supplementary info. This features a chronology of significant advances spanning the years 1590 to 2005, lists of invaluable websites and periodicals, a category of residing organisms into an evolutionary hierarchy, and a pattern desk of genome sizes and gene numbers. those positive aspects make A Dictionary of Genetics a lexicon unprecedented within the box. For the 1st time, the Dictionary is offered on Oxford Reference on-line (ORO): top class assortment!

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Antirrhinum a genus of decorative flowers commonly called snapdragons. The scientific name was given by Linnaeus in the first (1753) edition of the Species Plantarum. A. majus has 8 chromosomes, and it was a classical species for the study of multiple alleles. Antirrhinum research has made important contributions to the understanding of the biosynthesis of floral pigments and of photosynthetic pathways and their regulation. ). One of these, Tam1, was one of the first plant transposons to have its nucleotide sequence determined.

Androgen receptor, androgen receptor gene. androgenote a cell or embryo produced by androgenesis. Compare with gynogenote. androgen receptor (AR) a protein belonging to a subfamily of steroid hormone receptors within a larger family of DNA-binding proteins. The human AR is made up of 919 amino acids and is subdivided into three domains. The N-terminal domain has a regulatory function, and the C-terminal domain binds dihydrotestosterone. The central domain, which binds to DNA, contains zinc fingers.

Allotypes proteins that are products of different alleles of the same gene. The term is often used to refer to serologically detectable variants of immunoglobins and other serum proteins. allotype suppression the systematic and longterm suppression of the expression of an immunoglobulin allotype in an animal induced by treatment with antibodies against the allotype. allotypic differentiation imaginal discs. See in vivo culturing of allozygote an individual homozygous at a given locus, whose two homologous genes are of independent origin, as far as can be determined from pedigree information.

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