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This guide is particularly invaluable and informative. It has relatively made learning the bible more uncomplicated and is helping me to appreciate the context of what i'm analyzing.

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E. L. E. K. J. M. T. Shaw, P. Sinclair, B. Andah and A. : The archaeology of Africa: food, metals and towns (London and New York, 1993). Dating bibliography The Journal of African History has produced some invaluable surveys summarizing new radiocarbon dates from West Africa and commenting on their significance. Authors, dates, volumes and page numbers are as follows: F. Willett, 12 (1971), 339–70; C. Flight 14 (1973), 531–54; M. J. McIntosh, 17 (1976), 161–95; D. Calvocoressi and N. G. K. J. McIntosh, 27 (1986), 413–42.

J. McIntosh, 27 (1986), 413–42. This series of articles also provides a unique account of the ebb and flow of research in West Africa over the last 25 years. J. ’, BIFAN 21/A (1959), 427–38; M. L. Carter and C. B. A. T. Grove: ‘Environmental and climatic implications of late Quaternary lake-level fluctuations in Africa’, Nature 261 (1976), 385–90; L. Pastouret, H. Chamley, G. C. Duplessy and J. Thiede: ‘Late Quaternary climatic changes in Western Tropical Africa deducted from deep- sea sedimentation off the Niger delta’, Oceanologica Acta 1 (1978), 217–32; D.

In 1979 Calvocoressi and David observed that there were ‘less than 20 good monographic treatments of major sites from the whole of West Africa’, and the situation has not much improved since then. But even when more data are available, rival interpretations will persist, and (unless human nature changes) will very likely tend to reflect the origins and assumptions of those who advance them, ‘insiders’ and ‘outsiders’, black and white, African and European. M. M. W. A. T. Shaw: ‘Holocene adaptations in West Africa: the Late Stone Age.

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